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ALTSHIFT Consulting Limited

About Us

ALTSHIFT Consulting Limited focuses on IT outsourcing and outstaffing services and offers cost-effective dedicated nearshore Software Development teams and/or IT individual experts from middle-term to long-term IT-related projects with remote task management. 

In the frame of our services, we provide to our partners complete dedicated software development teams (backend, frontend, IOS, ANDROID developers, testers, DevOps experts, business and system analysts, architects, project managers, and many many other experts). Our experts are available for projects already from 3 months ( with min 3 FTE staff) order time-period on T+M basis or monthly fee basis.

Why Us?

Unlike traditional market players, we believe that Business and IT can be easy and simple. While being experts in the domain, we still speak our customers' language, with a clear and transparent message.

Our team of experts with unique global experience, provide you the necessary professional background to enable quality services, with immediate impact. The experienced partners and support teams have access to the global experience from market leaders and trendsetters, which warrant an exceptional competitive advantage.


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ALTSHIFT Consulting Limited

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